Own Your Distributorship

Welcome to Discount Plumbing® and thank you for considering becoming a Discount Plumbing Distributor.

Are you a plumber that deserves the benefits of owning their own business? We can help! Perhaps you're not a plumber, but you have what it takes to be a successful business owner. We can help! In either case, Discount Plumbing® can make your ambitions come true. With our guidance, trademarked program and proven system, you could own a successful distributorship that puts you in front of the competition. But why a plumbing business? If you are a plumber you already know the answer. Plumbing is profitable!

If you are not a plumber you can still own a successful plumbing business. Our unique assistance will teach you how to run your successful plumbing business. First you will have to retain a plumber, which is very easy in today's market. We can even help you find a master plumber. Next your job would be to run the office, marketing, taking calls and growing your business. Not all business owners are doing the hands on work - they manage people. And with effective marketing and management, you will have enough to do. You will assist your plumber at what you have to offer and he will in turn make you a successful plumbing business. Just consider this, Colonel Sander's didn't retire cooking chicken yet he owned a chicken restaurant that was a major success.

Consider these reasons why a plumbing business can be the right distributorship to purchase.

  1. Everyone in the world use some fashion of plumbing.

  2. Most homeowners hate doing their own plumbing

  3. Plumbing is a licensed business. This is great because the State Governments license and therefore protects your plumbing business. Other industries e.g. cleaning, roofing restaurants, etc. are being performed by unskilled, unlicensed and often illegal workers. How can you compete?

  4. Lastly the plumbing industry is still a respected trade that people see as a necessity and you will be their hero.

It is proven that a plumbing business can be a profitable venture, but why a Discount Plumbing® Distributorship?

Included in your startup package is:
  • Use of company, name and brand logo
  • Van or truck graphics
  • Website
  • Uniforms
  • Business cards
  • Invoices and bid book
    1. Simple, the profit margins are larger then the big companies are making. Yes they charge more and they tend to alienate their customers with outrageous high pricing. You give the customer a small discount and you still make more then the non discount plumbing companies while retaining customers.

    2. The rewards of being a discount plumber. Have you ever wanted to be everyone's hero. Now is the chance. Customers Love Discount Plumbing. You are their true hero. Consider this, I have people see the Discount Plumbing advertisements and they call the various distributors on a regular basis to say "hi" and "thank them." They promise to call them when their next plumbing need arises. Yes it's true customers call in advance to say they will be using Discount plumbing. No other plumbing company is getting that result

    3. Ask your neighbors, friends and relatives who they would use. Rizt Plumbing or Discount Plumbing the answer will always be the same. It is really one of those true no brainer situations.

    Requirements to run your own successful Discount Plumbing® Distributorship:

    1. Must be willing to learn a proven system.

    2. Must be willing to maintain extreme professionalism - clean cut, courteous, uniforms, washed vehicles, etc. This is what causes the entire Discount Plumbing system to work and grow.

    3. You must be willing to be part of our marketing strategy which is loud and bold. Once you see us you don't forget us. This creates growth.

    4. You must be a people person and must have compassion for their problems. You must be able to find reward and satisfaction in helping the customer.

    5. You must be willing to be part of the Discount Plumbing® Family. All distributor in the various cities will help build your business and you build theirs. But the entire family consist of the Discount Plumbing distributors the Discount Plumbing corporate company and the customers.

    6. Lastly the financial obligation. Let me start by saying it is one of lowest in the distributorship industry. Much of it is based on profits - pay as you go. I believe the money you invest will be less then the money Discount Plumbing will make you. What could be truly any better than that? The true costs vary on what you will need to get started. The start up cost to own your own distributorship is $7,500.00. This start up cost can financed by us. We would encourage and love to talk to you in person about the costs.

    If you are considering a Discount Plumbing® distributorship, please don't wait until someone else in your area has purchase one that you were considering first.

    Thank you for stopping by and learning more about the opportunities a Discount Plumbing® distributorship can offer. We hope you enjoyed your visit and if not interested in a distributorship please remain one of our valued family members and call us for your next plumbing need. If nothing else, for the time you have spent you deserve to have a Licensed, Insured and courteous Discount Plumbing plumber give you a discount on your next plumbing need.

    Welcome to the family. For more information about distributorship opportunities, contact us today!

    Tom Nerswick, Founder
    Bill Hinton, President of Operations