About Us

Discount Plumbing® - a fresh approach to plumbing.

We are a family oriented company that began in Cincinnati Ohio with a fresh new approach to plumbing, a difference that has made us successful. Within a short time, we knew through our experiences that Discount Plumbing® should be developed into a trusted national brand.

How are we different then most plumbing companies? At Discount Plumbing® the difference is clear. We consider it a privilege to be invited to your home or business, therefore we do not include trip charges. To charge a fee for that "just isn't right"! In addition, our plumbing professionals will cure your plumbing needs with the most cost-effective solution. Our experienced plumbers find reward and satisfaction in solving your problems. Our unique business model was designed to offer you true discounts for any of your plumbing needs.

"Keep it simple" is one motto our customers have come to enjoy. For your convenience, we try our best to assess the issue and give you an estimate over the telephone. When we do come to your home to estimate a large job, we will provide you with a free estimate before we leave your home. No need to wait days and check the mail to get the estimate you need. Now that's keeping it simple!

Come and experience the Discount Plumbing® difference. We know you'll love your new plumbing experience and being treated like a member of the Discount Plumbing® family.

Warm regards,
Tom Nerswick, Founder
Bill Hinton, President of Operations